The Initiate’s Bindrune


From time to time people send me questions about runes, and I had one come my way recently that I’d like to share with you. A reader from Berlin asked about changing an Algiz tattoo into a bindrune because the Algiz rune by itself has some rather negative connotations in Germany. For the reader, the symbol was closely tied to his journey for sacred knowledge, and he wanted to preserve the meaning, but didn’t want anyone to confuse it for its new negative cultural meanings.

A little background first. In Germany, the Algiz and Othala runes are closely linked with racist hate groups, and the police often link these symbols with criminal intent. Sadly what is sacred and spiritual to some is also misappropriated by nefarious groups as a way to self identify.

To keep the original meaning of the tattoo, I sent the reader a new bind rune that I call an “Initiate’s Rune”. It symbolizes the journey forward toward new knowledge, and the changes that can come about in ourselves as we discover more about our place in the universe.

The Initiate's Bindrune

The Initiate’s Bindrune

In addition to Algiz, there are:

Ansuz – Odin’s rune, and the beginning of the path for hidden knowledge since Odin sacrificed himself on Yggdrasil to learn the runes

Raido – Representing the journey to acquire knowledge

Ingwaz – In this sense, Ingwaz represents solitude, for the journey toward enlightenment can sometimes be a solitary walk

Othala – Here it represents those around you who support your journey for wisdom; family, friends, and colleagues

Gebo – Represents both the sacrifice to obtain hidden knowledge, and the gift of that knowledge once you have worked for it

Wunjo – A rune of harmony; after becoming something new, we have to integrate our “old” selves with the new things we have discovered, and create a new balance

Tiwaz – Here a rune of protection and justice, so that you may be protected on your journey when you need it, and in turn seek justice for others when they need it
Initiate's Bindrune Detail

Runes contained within the Initiate’s Bindrune

I’m hoping to include this bindrune in to the catalog soon, so stay tuned!