About Wayfarer’s Mark

Quality hand-painted runes inspired by the lands of ice and snow! All runes are hand-inked using archival India ink on 300lb watercolor paper, then painted with archival quality watercolors. Once dried, all works are sealed to prevent damage, and shipped flat.

The name and the symbol came from a trip in 2005 to Iceland. My partner and I found ourselves in a charming little store called “Nornabuðin” (Witch House), and I found a small bindrune which became the inspiration for my logo. Sadly the store closed up in 2008, but I have fond memories of the wonderful people we met there.

Golfoss, Iceland

About the Artist

After years of working in the digital realm as a print designer, I wanted to work in some traditional media. Enough of the sterile, perfect lines — I needed imperfection, something tactile, something with a little life in it!

When I started working on my MFA in print, I taught myself the basics of watercolors, and found it to be a lot of fun, so I decided to work in another passion of mine, the Runes, and Wayfarer’s Mark was born.

The Allthing, Iceland

The Allthing, Iceland

About the Designs

All designs and images are original, copyrighted works. Permission to use any image from this site must be given in writing – please contact me at info(at)wayfarersmark.com to inquire.

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland