Elder Futhark

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  • algiz

    Algiz Rune

    Algiz is the rune of protection. As trees shelter us from both sun and rain, employ Heimdall's rune ...
  • ansuz

    Ansuz Rune

    Ansuz represents clear understanding, revelations and divine blessing....
  • berkana

    Berkana Rune

    Berkana is the generative force, that which births, renews and heals. Display Berkana wherever you n...
  • dagaz

    Dagaz Rune

    Dagaz is the rune of complete satisfaction - everything is in balance, and the best possible outcome...
  • ehwaz

    Ehwaz Rune

    Like the horse, Ehwaz represents power, force, motion, drive. It can carry you wherever you desire -...
  • eihwaz

    Eihwaz Rune

    The days of childhood are behind, and the days of wisdom are yet to come. Eihwaz is the rune of shif...
  • fehu

    Fehu Rune

    Fehu represents wealth earned through hard work, abundance and talent. Keep Fehu nearby when you nee...
  • gebo

    Gebo Rune

    Gebo represents gifts given and received, a generosity of spirit. This rune teaches us that giving g...
  • hagalaz

    Hagalaz Rune

    Hagalaz is the destructive natural force, the force that clears away old conflicts and impediments s...
  • ingwaz

    Ingwaz Rune

    What was sewn shall be reaped, according to Ingwaz, rune of fertility and growth. This rune is a pot...
  • isa

    Isa Rune

    As ice freezes everything around it, so Isa makes everything still and quiet. This can take the form...
  • jera

    Jera Rune

    Despite the troubles that one might encounter, Jera reminds us that there is always sunny weather, s...